2019 Festival Workshops

Sunday 15th September
Ropetackle Arts Centre

Festival Workshops

All Workshops are held in the Ropetackle Arts Centre.
You must have secured a ticket for the Festival in order to book a Workshop.
Please note ALL WORKSHOPS can ONLY be booked either by phone on 01273 464440 or by calling into the Ropetackle Arts Centre.

11.45 – 12.15 Picking with Rick Irvine £5.00
Rick will give you a really good insight to picking. You will soon get to grips with picking styles helping you to be able to pick out a melody in most tunes.

12.25 – 13.10 Route 145 with Mike Krabbers of Hedge Inspectors £5.00
A unique vocal and ukulele workshop led by Mike will be 'Route 145'. How to find chords for jamming without songbooks and you’ll learn a song to perform with Mike & Caroline in their Hedge Inspectors performance.

13.15 – 14.00 Strumming Patterns with Pete Clark £5.00
Get those strumming hands going to different rhythms. Pete will get you to recognise different rhythm patterns and get you playing them in no time.

14.10 – 14.55 Playing Triplets with Matthew Quilliam £5.00
Matthew will have you strumming triplets and looking at other different strumming techniques to suit different genres.

15.00 – 15.45 SHAPES with Liam Capper-Starr £5.00
Liam focuses on expanding playing beyond the first 4 frets. Aimed at established beginners and intermediates who can play Bb, but haven't yet ventured out beyond there much.

15.55 – 16.40 Performance builder by Mersey Belles and Beaus £5.00
Rosie and Danielle will share their knowledge of performing and will teach singing as a group, using dynamics and adding vocal harmony. Showing you how to use your voice as an instrument and building your confidence generally as a performer. Ged and Liam will spend some time with those of you who prefer strumming to singing, to better improve how you approach a song through your playing technique.